“I purchased a Canvast diary and when I started filling it in, one of the first things I noticed was for each day there is a section ‘Doing for me’ – I have always been a pen and paper kind of girl, I know technology is great but I feel so much more productive ticking things off, even if it is to remind you to do something for yourself!!!! The dates are blank so I know I will use when I have a busy week but on holidays you don’t need to waste those dates, very clever thinking on their behalf” – Sally Austin 

“Brilliant! Love it and got it in the post super fast!” – Kelleey Barsley 

“I’m so much more productive now.  I’m saving money, I’ve almost paid my credit card off thanks to the budget pages, I’m going to the gym more and I generally feel way more organised!” – Cailtin Olson

“Hands down the best planner I have ever used. Great layout” – Sonia Logo 

“Oh September, you’re bringing the goods! New house, job prospects, uni placement which we all know is a sign that the semester is nearly over! I wouldn’t be able to function without my Canvast planner” – Liv Shotton 

Absolutely awesome planner! I love that I can start it whenever and there’s so much room to write everything I need. It’s stylish and well thought out!” – Chelsea Ryan 

“Planning my life away with this one!!! If you know me you know I’m obsessed with planners.  And this one really speaks to me as if they went inside my head and created exactly what I need in a planner” – Maya 

“Best thing I have owned. I am a list person who loves making goals and writes everything down. This is delightful, sassy, posh, brilliant! I’m hoping they will be around forever as when it runs out I want a new one. Definitely a Christmas gift worth giving” – Naomi Paver 

“You know you’re an adult when planning in your Canvast is your idea of a perfect Wednesday evening” – Zivile Mikalauskaite 

“I don’t always make my bed. I often forget to brush my hair. Makeup Free Monday extends 7 days sometimes. But what I always, always, always do is plan my goalz for the future. This little planner right here has been a g-a-m-e / c-h-a-n-g-e-r! The one thing that has kept me from organising my life in a planner has been the lack of flexibility in it. I move fast. I break things. I trip. And I get back up again. Canvast doesn’t have any dates within it, so you can plan your year without being confined to a calendar. You can plan per year, per month, per week, your budget, your goals, your silly stuff, your important stuff and all the in between in this fluid book. Serious #brandlove for the people behind this innovative product. I’m a total Canvast convert!” – Jamieson Eileen 

“I had a couple of hours to myself while Guy was surfing and started something I’ve been putting off, writing down my next set of goals.  My world flipped upside down when I did my knee again in November, I thought surely 3 times was enough and I’ve been avoiding the consequences ever since. I wanted to get as fit as possible and be in the least amount of pain to enjoy my summer which I successfully did, but I felt ready today to move forward. I realised how many other things are also important to me ✨ I’m still sad that some goals can’t be on there, but am hopeful that I’ll also find new happiness in others – either way I’m ready to find out 💭 I’m so thankful to my parents who always encouraged me to write down my goals, big or small, so you can create the path to get there.  And to the beautiful Emma who gifted me with this inspiring planner, I know it took a couple of months for me to use but I’ve come to terms with my future a little better and have it all written down in here thanks to you 💙” Allana Ferguson 

Don’t mind me, I’m just over here cuddling my new best friend. I received probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever been sent today. Not only is Canvast designed by one of the most bad ass, wonderful gals I know but it’s also an organisational freaks dream. Anyone who knows me knows that my life is scheduled to the minute and I am a self-confessed obsessive list maker. So, while the Canvast planner provides me with the perfect space to jot down my extensive amount of lists and never ending fitness classes – it really is so much more than that. It’s basically a side-kick for life. There are hundreds of pages filled with spaces for you to find your inspiration to start working towards your life goals, travel plans, health kicks, work events and future adventures. CAN YOU TELL I’M A BIT OBSESSED!? Basically, all of my boss ladies out there who want to plan the shit out of their lives and still be inspired to live vivaciously – you need to get your hands on one of these” – Ariel Kaplan 

“The magic is happening with Canvast” – Bianca Koch 

“Canvast is making it impossible not to kick ass this year” – Lyndsay Gordon 

“Spent the first three days of 2018 setting up & listing my goals in my kickass Canvast (BUH-BYE EUROPE KILO’S….and the sweet, sweet cheeseboards that went along with them😰) because everybody knows a new year doesn’t start until the 3rd, or until your NYE hangover passes..whichever comes first” – Hayley Richmond

“One of the perks about this job….I get to eat this deliciousness 😝 for breakfast! Admiring my beautiful Canvast planner while I’m at it!” – Kay Cass

The BEST kind of Saturday delivery from Canvast. 

This little sucker looked to have gotten lost in the good old Australia Post system late this week, but look what my hubby just bought in from the front doorstep 🙌🏻 Thanks so much to Emma for getting onto where this beauty had vanished to so quickly! 

I am the worst for buying a yearly diary, using it for three months, sticking it in a drawer and then relying on mental notes for the rest of year 😬 But I was seriously in need of something undated so if I missed a week (or more) it wasn’t going to make my planner redundant and that offered everything from a whole month view, to daily tasks, to managing finances to PERFORATED TO DO LISTS (yes it has that too!). Oh and you can write down your daily meals, because sometimes when you run a business you do forget to eat guys! 🥗

Let the planning and super crazy organisation begin!” – @dotcomdigital

After a monster weekend, I have my plan of attack for getting organised for the week after being away. I establish what extracurricular activities I have on the agenda this week and write them all into my Canvast (AKA life saver). Break up my tasks into bite size chunks per day, ensuring I have enough variety in each day to keep this little brain of mine active and happy. Pop these into my Canvast too. For me, this is key to meeting all project deadlines with the least stress possible. Plan out my goals for the month. Once my projects and tasks are fresh in my mind, I then like to plan out what I want to achieve this month (CRAP IT’S OCTOBER!). Business, mental, financial and physical goals. Pop it all in 📝  Clean and tidy space = very happy and productive Yiota. I like to schedule in the house cleaning and tidying chores throughout the week too. This way, it feels less horrifying and more achievable. Oh, and it gets done! Guess where I write this all down? Yep you guessed it – in my Canvast” – Yiota @oladigital

“What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while. Planning a big year + my 10th year in business – made easy with my Canvast planner” – Amber-Lee Master 

Sunday in the office (aka, spare room 😆) planning the week ahead and doing some secret project work ✨ Deciding on a release date 💃🏻 All with the help of my beautiful Canvast planner” – Claire McKeen 

In love with my Canvast. 😍 Free express shipping at the moment too!” – Nicole Buesnel 

“I’m planning out my next few months thanks to my new Canvast planner which is perfect for someone like me who is always running around with a million thoughts in my head 💆‍♀️ Love me a good, productive weekend 💖” – Casey Mason

This bad boy is now my life… literally it’s got everything from doodle pages, flexible weekly/monthly layouts to my favourite goal setting section and the much needed budgeting pages for the month (& yes I rolled my eyes too until I filled it out 😬)” – Liv Shotton 

Canvast!!! Love my new planner! Love it! This planner has no dates so you design your month, week and life however you want! Can’t wait to start getting creative with my time and goals.” – Zoe Williams 

I have just made the BEST GODDAMN decision of my life – CANVAST Planner! Time to start setting some kickass goals .. I love this amazing boss girl planner you have created 😘 Keep on letting these amazing ideas spread like fire” – Sarah Tranberg 

Have I mentioned how much I ❤️ my Saturday mornings… finally getting a chance to start using my Canvast planner – which is awesome because it has NO DATES! And all the budgeting and planning pages! And blank pages. And tear-off lists. And it’s gorgeous. My year is starting in Feb, let’s say it was deliberate and I was waiting for the year of the dog 😉” – Cara Zoe 

ADVENTURE ⫸ When your planner reminds you of the adventures you need to make happen in 2018 and beyond 👊💁‍♀️ Big adventures coming! ✨ New week, new GOALS 🙌 Planning is easy-peasey with the Canvast planner, there are no dates so I was free to skip January until now 🙊 You need this planner gals 💅🏻” Lacey Terry 

PSA: Girl Bosses get yourself a Canvast planner. Success starts with celebrating the small things – we’re looking forward to seeing what this year brings!” – Cerys ap Rees

I’ve never been very good at goal setting/planning and budgeting – but I’ve been trying to get better at it as I move further into this adulting business, and today I was wondering where I even begin to start planning my 2018.. Then I opened my mail.. this gorgeous little planner literally has EVERYTHING that I need to give properly sorting my life out a red hot go!! (And it’s gorgeous and full of beautiful things to say to me also!) 😍🙌🏻 I ordered just thinking I needed a cool new planner, and thought it was awesome that I could support a friend of a friend while I did it. I had no idea it would be this incredible!!! Blown away, and super excited to get to filling up my life canvas with the help of this amazing planner!! 💁🏼‍♀️ Thanks a million @canvastco 💖” – Emma Louise

Couldn’t of asked for a better Christmas Present to myself. The next 12 months are going to be amazing with this planner helping me hit my goals.” – Liz Guyler