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Hannah Goodfellow

  Y’know those people you meet who just OOOOZE kindness? The ones who are so lovely you’d think the sun shines out their butt and unicorns dance and angels sing in the background whenever they’re around? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, meet Hannah; one of the kindest and most supportive people you’ll […]

Amanda Campeanu

Meet Amanda *yeah, don’t even try pronounce it* Campeanu – the owner, face and creative genius behind the business, you guessed it, Amanda Campeanu (previously known as Plush Content Co)   Amanda has had a pretty impressive year, with plenty of milestones and growth moments.  I knew someone as committed and determined as Amanda would […]


We are smack bang in the middle of the time of year where everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions and what 2019 will hold for them.  Unfortunately, New Years Resolutions aren’t some magic concoction of wishful thinking at the stroke of midnight leading to dreams coming true and prophecies fulfilled.   New Years Resolutions […]


Because there’s only 32 days left in 2018, and no one has time for big ass lists, I’ve created a very short, very easy to read list of 4 things you need to do, to get ready for 2019.   1. ONLY FINISH WHAT’S IMPORTANT Hands up if you’re guilty of getting to November and […]

MOOSKi Adventures

I’d like to introduce you to Amy and Sarah, the two parts that make MOOSKi Adventures; twin sisters who quit their day jobs to pursue their passion.   I met Amy and Sarah when they were two weeks into their open-ended trip around Australia, and I was lucky enough to meet them for a few […]

The Inbox Zero Theory that will change your life

It’s no secret I’m a paper and pen lover.  Unfortunately, emails can’t be sent in the form of a hand written letter anymore (god damn I miss my penpal!) – so after feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed by my inbox, I decided to take a stand. Yiota from Ola Digital introduced me to the Inox Zero Theory. […]


Our schedules can seem overwhelming at times; save the money, drag the ass to gym, cook the good food, update the instagram…the list goes on. But none of this matters if you burn yourself out in the meantime. Aaaaand que mental breakdown. Routinely (like, schedule that shit in) you need to take a step back […]

Keen Collective

Ever wondered what it’s like to create the business of your dreams? For most of us, it takes months, even years of tedious planning, brainstorming and sleepless nights before we make the decision to finally pursue it full-time. For Claire McKeen at Keen Collective, this wasn’t the case. Claire can laugh about it now, but […]


At Canvast, we’re HUGE believers in continual self-development and learning.   I get it, it’s 2018 and those words get thrown around like confetti, so if you haven’t personally experienced the benefits of self development, you’re probably thinking it’s all just a bit of hocus pocus. Well I’m here to set the record straight.  The […]


Budget on fleek? Chances are, not likely.  Research suggests that a huge number of women live pay day to pay day, and only a small number of us even use a detailed budget! C’mon ladies, how are we supposed to be Beyonce worthy independent women if we can’t get our finances together? Yes, living on […]