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You guys know I love to scream from the rooftops when I find something worth screaming about.  And today, I read the blog of all blogs and my fingers can’t move fast enough with this one.  Amee from Juicy Creative Co, wrote about how joining F45 blew up her business (in a good way) and […]

Depression and Founders

I understand that the word depression can evoke some serious emotions for some, most of which I’m extremely familiar with. But I received an email today from Jock Fairweather, the owner of co-working space Little Tokyo Two, that really resonated for me, and is an email that you’ll very rarely find shared or talked about […]


  Do you guys remember when I took the month of May of to focus on the really *deep* stuff for Canvast (the emails and social media expectations were hindering making any actual progress)?   Well,  one thing I had my sights set on was approaching and being interviewed by business women who inspired me […]


Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “the girl who created a dateless planner has written a blog about why dateless planners are the best – who does she think she’s kidding?”    But hear me out here.     Some of you may not have purchased a planner in January this year, thinking you didn’t need […]


I have an obsession with only having things in my life that serve a purpose.  You could even go so far as to call me a minimalist.  I believe, STRONGLY, in only purchasing things when they’re necessary, that don’t add any chaos to my life and bring a sense of calm.  I use this rule […]


  I was thinking this morning, “I have met so many incredible business owners with so many thoughtful and unique products that NEED to be shared, they NEED to be seen” – not only because the products are f*cking beautiful, but because I think it’s important to acknowledge the legends out there who are making […]

Saara Khan PR

PR…what even is it?  I convinced Saara Khan from Saara Khan PR to sit down with a glass of Aperol and explain EVERYTHING PR; what’s involved in a PR campaign, how to spot a good PR rep and how to work your way up to employing a PR rep for your own business.  Spoiler: it’s […]

Canvast Budget Hacks

This month’s theme at Canvast is finance.  Ya’ll know (and if you don’t, you’re about to) that one of my fav topics is money and budgeting and being in control of your finances.  You can pretty much guarantee that most things we want require money. Whether you want to travel, buy a house, keep up […]

Hannah Goodfellow

  Y’know those people you meet who just OOOOZE kindness? The ones who are so lovely you’d think the sun shines out their butt and unicorns dance and angels sing in the background whenever they’re around? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, meet Hannah; one of the kindest and most supportive people you’ll […]

Amanda Campeanu

Meet Amanda *yeah, don’t even try pronounce it* Campeanu – the owner, face and creative genius behind the business, you guessed it, Amanda Campeanu (previously known as Plush Content Co)   Amanda has had a pretty impressive year, with plenty of milestones and growth moments.  I knew someone as committed and determined as Amanda would […]