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Goal Setting For 2019

Goal Setting For 2019

We are smack bang in the middle of the time of year where everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions and what 2019 will hold for them.  Unfortunately, New Years Resolutions aren’t some magic concoction of wishful thinking at the stroke of midnight leading to dreams coming true and prophecies fulfilled.

New Years Resolutions have a pretty bad name for being resolutions we set with all the good intentions at the start of the year that never hold up their end of the bargain.   

So, instead of setting New Years Resolutions this year, I want you to try some goal setting instead. By setting goals, you’re constantly revisiting them – goal setting never sleeps. If you have never set goals (properly) before, it can feel a little overwhelming.  Because it’s so much more than just writing them down and praying to the tooth fairy that they work out. 

Here are my top tips for goal setting moving into 2019…


If you set yourself a thousand goals, it’s very likely you’ll achieve…none.  I would recommend setting no more than 4 a month. They can be as simple as exercising 3-4 times a week, or they can be as big as world domination #youdoyou


Is the goal you’re working on something you want to get done this month? This week? This year?  By giving yourself a deadline, you’re far more likely to get it done compared to having it open-ended.  It adds a sense of urgency to the goal and allows you to put more focus on achieving it.

Side note: If you want to have a recurring goal (ie:work out 3-4 times a week) you can! But it’s still important you intentionally set this every month versus once a year (likely January) because you’ll forget about it pretty quickly.  


By breaking your goal down into smaller, more manageable, bite size pieces, it makes each one a small action you’re doing, to make the big picture thing a reality.  Instead of focusing on the end goal, you’re focused on each individual step, which will ultimately lead to the end goal more naturally (and with way less stress, amigo)

Side note: If you have a HUGE goal that might take a year to achieve (product creation for example) I would say break each step to achieve that into your monthly goals.  Ie: month 1 complete design (then break down) month 2 packaging (then break down) – ya feel me?


Us women are busy little bees and usually have a gazillion (real number) things on our plates – which can make it hard get sh*t done.  I’m referring back to my goals page WEEKLY – it helps remind me what I’m trying to achieve, it helps me sort out my to-do list for the upcoming week and it helps to keeps me on track.  You have to make time for this, it’s crucial.

To help you with your big-ass dreams for 2019, you can now access the Canvast goal-setting template to start using today.  Because the’s nothing I love more than a woman with a goal and a tool to get it done.  Just add your email to the pop-up located on the home page of this website and it will be sent straight to your inbox!


Happy planning!

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