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Hannah Goodfellow

Hannah Goodfellow

Y’know those people you meet who just OOOOZE kindness? The ones who are so lovely you’d think the sun shines out their butt and unicorns dance and angels sing in the background whenever they’re around? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, meet Hannah; one of the kindest and most supportive people you’ll ever meet.  

Hannah has gone from strength to strength in her business, and the reason behind this is because she’s worked damn hard for it! I always like to rack the brain of someone who is killing it in their pursuits, and Hannah is no exception, building a business based on purpose, kindness and empowerment.  

Ok, elevator Pitch: Who are you and what do you do?

I empower women to tap into their passions through an abundance mindset, working closely with entrepreneurs and business women to align with their passions and live a purposeful & rewarding life.

Can you tell me what led you to want to coach women in business?

Intuition. I knew from very early on that whatever I ended up doing, I wanted to be helping people. Once I discovered my creative side and learnt more about the possibilities I had in the business world I fell in love with the journey. But as I journeyed through building my own business (pivoting, making mistakes, celebrating my successes and teary ‘I just want to give up’ moments) I realised there was a lot I had learnt and a lot I could share with women just like me. 

I knew how to help because I was these women. I had experienced their problems and I knew there was ways to tap into a more meaningful and easy way of living and running a business.

Ok, confession time…are you a #goaldigger?

Ohhh yeah.. Haha! I truly believe in setting goals for yourself that scare you and make you uncomfortable. These are the things that push you to do more, be more and to give more to your audience. One of the reasons I’ve been successful at the things I’ve done is because I push past the “is that dream too big?” and “can I really do this?”. My answer is always, “You’re one decision away from a totally different life”. 

Do you set goals strictly for your business or for personal goals as well?

Setting goals for both is super important to me! I believe my personal and business life are connected. I am constantly setting myself goals to grow as a person or heal from past situations – which in turn makes me a more confident women. When I feel confident and aligned personally, I then feel inspired to set myself higher goals. You really have to prioritise yourself first over your business – that self-care will flow abundantly into your business and help you achieve every goal you set for yourself.

Is there a particular way you set goals? (mood boards, goal setting pages, phone reminders etc)

I can’t speak highly enough of my Canvast, because before I purchased it this year my goals were scrawled here, there and everywhere! My creative mind gives me ideas at all of the most inconvenient times, so I used to have them quickly scribbled in notebooks, post-it notes and even in the odd Google Doc I’d never look at.

Now I actually make a habit of setting monthly goals in my Canvast for my business and personal life. For me, I’m a very visual person and the Canvast Planner has made me want to take care as I write, highlight everything is pretty colours and in drawings that inspire me.

Would you say that setting goals plays a big part in your own business going from strength to strength?

Definitely! Without setting myself goals to grow creatively as a business owner, as a brand, financially etc I would just get stuck in the day-to-day activities of business and never move forward.

I pride myself on doing things that scare me and pushing my business past the boundaries of what I’m “supposed to be doing”. I’m not afraid to change, to try new things because that’s how you find success.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for setting some crazy goals.

What do you do to make sure that your goals don’t fall by the way-side (as they often can?)

I’m very big on self reflection and looking back at the end of the month, both personally and professionally. 

One thing I’ve been doing lately is implementing CEO Days in business where I dedicate a day to looking over the goals I had for my business for the previous month. This is where I’ll analyse and write pages of notes on my financial goals, growth of the brand, any outsourcing, collaborations & brand strategies I was implementing.

I also make sure any goal I do set myself has a date I want to achieve it by and I’ll often add sticky notes to my notebooks and mirrors to remind myself and keep me accountable.

Editor note: I LOVE this idea!

Were there any goals that you had set for yourself that you didn’t achieve this year? If so, how do you deal with that?

Yes, there was one major one I didn’t achieve… launching a Youtube channel. But one thing I learnt last year with setting goals or achieving success in business was not to judge yourself too harshly.

Whenever things don’t go to plan, I know the universe is saying “not now”. So I prioritised self-care and learning, continued to journal and ultimately discovered a more niche way I could use Youtube to speak with my audience.

I’m currently working on a handful of content that will be launching on the channel at the end of this month!

I know from personal experience that sometimes there can be a million things we want to do, so setting goals can be hard sometimes, Is there are particular way you get clear on what you actually want to achieve?

I have a few practices that help me gain clarity with my direction and priorities. The first is to meditate – this is something I do everyday, it helps to drown out the ‘noise’ and set my own goals, not the one I feel I ‘should’ be.

The second is using my Oracle & Tarot cards for guidance. When it comes to knowing what I want to achieve, my spirituality is something that really empowers, provides clarity and grounds me.

And lastly, writing about it. Journaling through my confusion has worked for me every single time. If I have a million things running around in my head I will do a brain dump into my journal and as the words escape onto the page I can see the things that will truly be worthy of my time and energy.

What would be your top goal setting tip?

Think bigger. Seriously though. Leaders, creators, innovators, CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs didn’t get to where they are by thinking small and staying safe.

Find goals that scare you and excite you. Make a plan, give it a date and jump! Because even though you might not succeed every single time, going for the big goals teaches you the important lessons and puts you in exciting relationships, situations and opportunities.

Can you tell us a big goal you have for 2019?

I’ve never been travelling overseas, so my big goal for 2019 is to two-fold! To take my business full-time and travel while I work… living that very exciting and joyful #laptoplifestyle!

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