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At Canvast, we’re HUGE believers in continual self-development and learning.  

I get it, it’s 2018 and those words get thrown around like confetti, so if you haven’t personally experienced the benefits of self development, you’re probably thinking it’s all just a bit of hocus pocus.

Well I’m here to set the record straight.  The best, smartest people in the world, are those that continue to learn (it really is a never ending process) – I’m going to share a few of the tricks some of the best use to up their gangsta self-development street cred.

Read books

Books are an endless source of wisdom and ‘ah-ha!’ moments. I truly believe the more books you read, the smarter and more eloquent you become. Reading facebook updates and instagram captions doesn’t count, either!

Studies have shown that people that read books are more stimulated mentally, less stressed, smarter, have improved memory and are better at writing – not to mention it’s relaxing AF!

My current reading list includes ‘The Power of Now – Eckhart Toll’ ‘The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho’ and ‘Tribe of Mentors – Tim Ferris’

Listen to podcasts

If you haven’t yet been introduced to the world of podcasts, I am about to change your god damn life. Listening to a topic that you’re interested in is a great way to spend your time and get the creative juices flowing.

The best part about podcasts is that you’re learning in your in-between time. Can I get a clap for multi tasking?! You can podcast while you’re driving, painting, doing laundry, and if your SUPER talented you can podcast while running on a treadmill AND checking out Paul the hot PT. 3 things at once?! Stop it you clever little so and so.

There are literally podcasts about everything.  I checked this, I even found one about earwax.

My podcast go-to’s are:

*Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations – just be careful listening to this in public, I’ve cried in almost every episode.

*The Smart Twenties Podcast by Sam Brown – because everything she talks about resonates with me in some shape or form.

*Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepreneurs – a refreshing and realistic look and approach to owning your own business.  

But I have to mention the podcasts that ignited my absolute OBSESSION with podcasts and that is Serial and This American Life; they are the TV Series of podcasts and document fascinating stories about murder investigations and military mysteries.  Think Making a Murderer for podcasts. SWOON.

Try a new skill

I know, I know.  This sounds like something you’d read on a pinterest board. But as we get older we really forget to experiment and just play a little!  

I’ve been saying for years that I want to learn how to play the guitar, or try learning trapeze but have put it off because I’m worried I’ll suck (at the guitar that is, I’d SLAY the trapeze) – you and I need to learn to let that fear go.  

I also learnt about Skillshare from Sam (Smart Twenties, talked about her above, kinda obsessed) which is an online learning community that offers more than 18,000 classes in design, business, photography and HEAPS of other stuff. So you literally have no excuses for not having a go anymore.


The thing with personal growth is, you soon start to realise that you might be on a different page to the people you would normally surround yourself with.  By networking, you meet a bunch of different people who are passionate about the same things you are. And most networking events have snacks. I love snacks.

The people and support networks you meet when networking, are also great people to collaborate with and even compete with.  Wait, what? Yep! By competing with others (friendly of course) you’re more likely to push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do. If they’re anything like the people I’ve met, you’ll both be celebrating each others successes and singing each other’s praises from the rooftop in no time!

Have fun and follow your passion

Try a new recipe, learn a foreign language, just put yourself out there.  This year I decided I wanted to play women’s AFL. I had never played in my life.  It has been the best decision I’ve made, I instantly made about 22 new friends and I feel part of a small family (even though they are terrible influences when it comes to alcohol consumption)  

It’s important that you don’t take yourself so seriously ALL the time.

Forget your fear

If you’re scared of public speaking, I double dare you to go to a public speaking class.  Get out of that comfort zone. I know it sucks, but the benefits far outweigh that shitty anxiety feeling you get in the lead up.

Let me tell you something, if you spend your whole life avoiding something out of fear, you’re going to regret it.  The sense of absolute achievement you will feel is a game changer, you’ll realise that there’s actually nothing that can hold you back.  

If you’re part of the Canvast gang, use your Canvast goals page this month to implement one (or all) of the above! Let me know how you go, and if you need extra encouragement, reach out! (I’m an EXCELLENT cheerleader)


Emma x

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