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Canvast Loves - April

Canvast Loves - April

I was thinking this morning, “I have met so many incredible business owners with so many thoughtful and unique products that NEED to be shared, they NEED to be seen” – not only because the products are f*cking beautiful, but because I think it’s important to acknowledge the legends out there who are making their business dreams a reality.  There are A LOT of big business money-makers out there (David Jones, Myer, Kmart etc) making mass production products, and it can be *really* hard to be seen in the giant world wide web against those corporations with huge budgets.  So I know this is a tiny effort on my part, but if I can introduce you to a brand and product you can fall in love with and become a loyal customer to, then my job here is done.  And I can attest to the fact that every purchase from a small business goes a long way. The new order jiggle is real.

The beautiful thing about all of these businesses is they stand for something – which I know is something that we all like to feel connected to.  So I’m not only going to share these businesses and their products with you, I’m going to share a little bit of their story.  

SASA COLLECTIVE – personalised jewellery dishes

Based in New Zealand and built on the idea that gift giving is an act of love, Sarah creates jewellery dishes for those who want to gift their loved ones (or themselves!) with something that has been made from scratch, with a personal touch.  They are dainty, simple and honestly…STUNNING. I have a feeling that they’re going to be my go-to gift for all of my girlfriends this year because they are such a thoughtful gift – think birthdays, bridal party gifts, special occasion (they’re affordable enough to be ANY occasion, really)

Each dish is made by hand (yep, by hand!) can be gift wrapped at checkout and never fear, shipping is available to Australia! I’m personally going to be ordering in bulk to save on postage, two birds and all that jazz 😉

Take a squiz at the Sasa Collective website here.

BARNU BY GEORGIA – Bold earings for bold people

Think back to what you were doing at 17 years old.  Building your own successful business, presenting at events, juggling high school commitments and advocating on *real* issues? Yeah nah, me neither. I met Georgia after she sat on a panel at an event for young women last year, and was BLOWN AWAY by her maturity, her approach to business and life in general – she’s an absolute superstar and she also makes the most divine statement earrings out of polymer clay.  Clever, creative, coffee lover – it’s no wonder I now consider Georgia a friend!

Georgia has since graduated school and is now onto University, but Barnu is growing and expanding and releasing and SELLING OUT – and I couldn’t be prouder.  If you’re looking for unique pieces of jewellery that won’t break the bank (infact, be prepared to do bulk orders they’re so affordable!) then head to Barnu.  

The new re-stock of Barnu By Georgia was released on Saturday, so jump on the website now to avoid disappointment, and get ready to add some magic to your ears!

SANS BEAST – Bags of style for faux hunters (PETA certified)


I love seeing businesses, and women-led businesses especially, create the business of their dreams, without having to sacrifice or bend on their morals, their ethos, or what they truly believe in.  It’s even MORE inspiring when they create a business BASED on those things. That’s why I love Sans Beast.

Sans Beast is a collection that uses no animal products. Created by Cathryn Wills, formerly Managing and Creative Director of MIMCO. After living and breathing the world of leather handbags for over a decade, Wills progressively recognised a disconnect between her professional role and her ethical stance on animal welfare and the environment.

And WHAT. A. COLLECTION! They are unique, flamboyant, luxurious and so damn extra I’m not even mad about it.   Don’t blame me if you get to the website and can’t choose a favourite. I’m still deciding myself!

Sans Beast are involved in the Canvast Ultimate Giveaway happening this month, head to our Instagram page for more info.

CAYE LIFE – Stylish and functional products that don’t cost the earth

Introducing the business that has probably been the most used thing I have purchased in the last two months.  My Caye Life coffee cup and my Caye Life water bottle!

During a trip to Belize, Caye Life founders Sarah and Andrew travelled to Caye Caulker and Caye Ambergris, and couldn’t help but notice an incredible amount of rubbish littering the beautiful coastline.  They decided then and there that they wanted to help cut down on the amount of single-use plastic in the world.

After discussing a few ideas over a beer or two (my kinda people!), they decided to tackle the most common problem they saw – the old plastic water bottles and disposable coffee cups!

Caye Life products are made with stainless steel and a double wall construction.  Meaning they keep everything either really hot or really cold! I can attest to this, being known as someone who takes up to 4 hours to finish her coffee, means I can now enjoy my coffee at my own pace knowing that it’s not going to go cold in 5 minutes!

With coffee cups starting at $26.00 and water bottles starting at $38.00, they’ve also managed to build a business with beautiful AND affordable products.  I implore you, please buy from small, local businesses where you can!

While they know a simple bottle won’t necessarily change the world, they do strongly believe that by making sustainability fun and fashionable, they can help spread the message a little further.  You can see their beautiful range of products here.

Caye Life are involved in the Canvast Ultimate Giveaway happening this month, head to our Instagram page for more info.

BAXTER BLUE – Eyewear for the digital age

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t spend a good chunk of their time on their phone or computer in their daily life.  I know I personally struggle with sore, dry, itchy and tired eyes after too much time on the old Iphone, and the crew at Baxter Blue noticed this massive problem too.

It was about 18 months ago I saw my first pair of blue light blocking glasses, and they were HORRENDOUS – terrible shape, the lenses were this gross shade of yellow and I thought to myself, “if that’s what blue light blocking glasses look like, you’ll never catch me in a pair”

Fast forward to now, and Baxter Blue obviously saw a HUGE gap for beautiful, as well as functional, blue light glasses.  So they went ahead and created the most stunning range I’ve ever seen. Our eyesight is not something to f*ck around with, so the fact that they are also proven to filter out harmful blue violet light (the light that causes heachaches and sore eyes) but let the good blue light in, means they’re onto a real winner here! 

Here’s the real kicker for me: Baxter Blue have teamed up with Restoring Vision to give the gift of vision to those throughout the world who would otherwise not have access to glasses. RestoringVision are a not for profit organisation who since 2003 have distributed over 7 million pairs (7 MILLION GUYS!) of reading glasses & sunglasses to people in need.  For every pair of Baxter Blue glasses sold, Baxter Blue provides a person in need a pair of reading glasses. They recently travelled to Vietnam with Restoring Vision and you can catch the highlights of their trip here or head to their website.

Baxter Blue are involved in the Canvast Ultimate Giveaway happening this month, head to our Instagram page for more info.

LUMEN AND LUXE – Luxury fragrances inspired by travel

I am a lover of candles, it’s no secret.  It’s more of an obsession really. I love nothing more than cleaning my room, putting fresh sheets on the bed and burning a candle.  Is there anything better!? Answer: no.

I discovered Lumen and Luxe in February last year and haven’t looked back since.  Lumen and Luxe have created the most divine range of candles, inspired by scents that remind us of people and places they love, to lift us up and bring us joy and happiness.  My personal favourites: Ruby and Dark and Stormy (swoon) It is my humble opinion that every household needs a bunch of candles to create a dream space, that creates a sense of home, a sense of calm and *I-have-my-sh*t-togetherness* – and the Lumen and Luxe range well and truly covers that. 

Lumen and Luxe are also passionate about using natural and sustainable ingredients. Their candles are made with natural soy wax, wooden wicks and natural essential and fragrance oils. The room sprays and reed diffusers use premium perfume and diffuser bases, and the pillow mist (so good, I use this too!) and essential oils rollers are made with 100% natural ingredients and a mix of pure natural and organic essential oils.

Lumen and Luxe are also passionate supporters of a BUNCH of different causes; can you see a running theme here with these small (generous) businesses?  They support ReachOut, Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people and their parents. They help Tsuno buy pads for women in need from Share the Dignity, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre or Women SA. They ALSO support CanTeen, the Australian national support organisation for young people living with cancer. Their glass containers are 100% recyclable and they will refill your empty candle vessels. They work with a carbon neutral courier and for every $150 of wooden wicks they buy, plant a tree. CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR SMALL BUSINESSES PLEASE!?

You can see their whole range here.

Lumen and Luxe are involved in the Canvast Ultimate Giveaway happening this month, head to our Instagram page for more info.

I hope you found a new favourite amongst these amazing business!  Christmas is officially sorted for this year, Santa can take a break. Don’t forget to go and enter the Ultimate giveaway for this month via our Instagram page for your chance to WIN our giveaway, which features some of our ‘Canvast Loves’ businesses featured in this months blog.

Would love to hear from you and if you have a favourite from the blog, all the links to the websites are linked above.


Em x

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