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Saara Khan PR

Saara Khan PR

PR…what even is it?  I convinced Saara Khan from Saara Khan PR to sit down with a glass of Aperol and explain EVERYTHING PR; what’s involved in a PR campaign, how to spot a good PR rep and how to work your way up to employing a PR rep for your own business.  Spoiler: it’s not a mass email to a number of contacts at Daily Mail and Marie Claire (go figure)

But it wasn’t all PR. I worked out pretty quickly that the reason why I love Saara so much is because she’s a country gal at heart as well, she’s not afraid to make mistakes on her way to the top and be honest about the good ol’ full-time/side hustle juggling act a lot of us are living, every day.

I had alot of fun doing this. It might be because I got to get tipsy while asking all of the questions I’ve been dying to ask about PR.  Or it could be because Saara is just a f*cking angel in human form.  I’ll let you decide for yourself. 

Watch the VLOG here.

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