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Getting Your Health and Fitness Back on Track

Getting Your Health and Fitness Back on Track

It would be easy to write 2020 off, telling yourself all those things you wanted to achieve can wait until 2021 now.  What’s the point right? WRONG. 

Yes, having your routine messed with and your gym membership put on hold and having to fight off people for toilet paper at Woolies has made your weekly trip for fruit and veg that little bit harder, but it’s time we shake off the first half of 2020 and really get stuck into the second half.  

It might feel hard to get back into a routine, but this is where I come in.  Like the modern day superwoman, really. I’m going to share my favourite tips to have you feeling on top of your health and fitness goals again. 

  1. Write your goals down.  No doubt they will have changed slightly given the craziness of the last few months.   

Make sure you get really specific. For example, you might want to incorporate a range of different exercises into your fitness routine.  My goal might be to run 10km once a week and stretch for 20 mins twice a week, because these two things are important for me to maintain. 

See how that’s measurable? You can track that type of goal.  A goal of ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ isn’t a measurable goal, and you can lose motivation really quickly with a goal that can’t be tracked. 

You might have a goal to work your way up to a 100kg deadlift (get it, girl). It helps to write down HOW you’re going to get there.  Are you going to start with specific training? Complete an online weights program? Come up with a plan of attack.

Whatever it is, writing your goal down makes it real and keeps you accountable. And you can refer back to them as much as you like. 

  1. Schedule in advance. Whether your focus is movement, wellness, mindfulness, meditation or simply getting more sleep, by scheduling your action items and routines in advance, you’re far more likely to achieve what you set out to do. 

You know me, and I know the power of planning.  Juggling all the plates doesn’t come easy.  The last thing you want to feel when you’re getting on top of your health and fitness goals is stressed.  By planning your food, what time you’re moving, making time to stretch and journal, meditate etc, the more in control you will feel. 

Write them into your planner or tracker.  Our health tracker is the perfect tool to track and plan all of your health and fitness goals in the one place. Also making it the perfect portable accountability buddy.    

  1. Set healthy habits. You can be working your butt off on your goals, but if you’re sabotaging them with unhealthy habits along the way, you’re undoing all of your hard work.  These should be smaller, healthy habits you can implement into your routine along the way.  

For example, drink 2L of water every day, read a chapter of a book before bed instead of scrolling through social media, eat more plant based meals, stretch for 10 mins daily.  We have over 24 healthy (and easy) habits for you to try and implement into your routine, in the Canvast x Marika Day Health Tracker

  1. Reflect on your progress. This is so important! You can set all the goals in the world, but if you’re not consistently checking in with yourself, you’re likely to fall over at some point.

By reflecting as you go, you’re either being your own cheerleader or you’re able to get real with yourself.  Are there reasons behind any slip ups? Do you need to alter your goals? Change your behaviour? Are you not being specific enough? Have you set the bar too high? Not high enough? 

You can’t just set a goal and hope for the best.  Goals take work. But the feeling you get at the end is what makes it worth it.  When you’re faster, stronger, fitter, more self aware, calmer, less stressed, healthier, more mindful….THAT’S what setting goals around your health and fitness is all about. 

Give these tips a go and try implementing them into your routine.  Get passionate about the goals that you’re setting and I’d love for you to keep me updated on your progress at or on the gram’ @canvastco


Em x

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