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Your Ultimate Year With Canvast

Your Ultimate Year With Canvast

Hey Dreamer,

I see you.

Making plans, chasing goals, saving those pennies, sometimes burning the candle at both ends just to have every box ticked by the end of day. I see it all the time, loyal members of the Canvast gang hustling their butts off to create the life they deserve, on their terms. Since Canvast began, I’ve realised my burning passion lies with helping others achieve their goals. It’s not about ticking boxes and doodling notes you’ll forget, it’s about flipping off whatever’s stopping you and making positive change beyond your wildest dreams.

This is your official invitation to spend 2021 with Canvast.

From this point on, I’ll dare you to say “FUCK YEAH!” to the things that challenge you and a big ol’ “NO THANKS!” to the things that don’t light you up. Make a fresh start with an exclusive team of movers and shakers who want to feel supported, be held accountable and inspired to hit their goals, no matter how big or small they are.


  • Keep you accountable with your goals and cheer you on all the way to the finish line
  • Ease the overwhelm of starting a new year and facing new challenges
  • Get back that secret smugness when ticking off a goal you’ve worked hard for
  • Find balance in all areas of your life to make sure you succeed, without burn out 



Holding onto things that don’t spark joy in your life is for sucker MCs. A year with Canvast will have you spending the new year thoughtfully clearing up your spaces, one room at a time. Get ready to declutter and create spaces that inspire you and make your life richer just by being in them.


Developing healthy money habits takes time. Plan out what you want your life to look like and then work out how much that’s going to cost. A year with us will turn “damsels in distress” into badass honeys paying off debts, with room to enjoy the things they love. Break down your financial goals into realistic and achievable steps and start making smarter money choices.


Canvast exists to help the dreamers and go-getters achieve their goals, no matter how ambitious they are. Join an exclusive community of other women (read: cheerleaders and game changers) for weekly check-ins, accountability sessions and group focus meetings to help reflect on and keep track of your progress. First up, you’ll meet your Canvast team and kick off 2021 with a goal setting session where you’ll plan out the first round of goals for the year ahead.


Getting sh*t done won’t happen if there’s no fuel left in the tank. Putting your health and wellbeing first should be numero uno on your priority list and we’re here to make sure it stays that way. Some days will have you feeling overwhelmed or done with it all. We’re here to steer you back on track, once you’ve taken time to recharge. A year with Canvast membership includes group fitness sessions, workout templates and healthy meal ideas too!


Bear crawling, baby steps or catwalk strides, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to planning. Just like everyone has their own unique set of goals, every person has their own way of getting to the finish line too – this is a judgment-free zone. A year with Canvast encourages you to share your goals for the week, month and year ahead and keeps track of your progress to show you how far you’ve come. You’ll receive your very own Canvast planner to plan and keep track of all the goals you’ll set for yourself. By the end of the year, you’ll be using it as a trophy to celebrate how f*cking epic that year was. 


RELEASE those limiting beliefs and turn “I can’t” into “Let’s f*cking do this!”.

BUILD out a year filled with big goals, self-care and balance.

SURROUND yourself with other go-getters who want to smash their goals too.

FOCUS on the things that make you truly happy.

CREATE the life you deserve, on your terms.


  • Your very own Canvast planner, in the colour of your choosing.
  • An online calendar shared with you and your Canvast team to highlight important dates, social events, gin distillery tours (ok, that one’s ours).
  • Access to Facebook and Instagram pages exclusive to members.
  • Money chat – including Barefoot investor “date nights”
  • Monthly team check-ins, to track everyone’s progress as we go.
  • Fortnightly team goal setting and accountability sessions.
  • Ongoing support with Canvast owner and planning machine, Emma!

Secure your spot with a $200 deposit and 12 monthly payments of $145 or get a 15% discount with an upfront payment of $1650

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