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You want something trendy, but also something that says you give a sh*t about the planet.

Something portable that fits your aesthetic and sparks that polite smugness that comes from having your own vessel to keep your tea or coffee (or something stronger) warm while you’re on the go. That something is our newest addition to the Canvast product line-up: Our Canvast X Luxey Coffee Cups. For the stylish and fashion-forward, yet eco-conscious girl boss, these cups boast a comfy silicone “jacket” which makes it nice and easy for you to carry.

Why Luxey?

We paired up with Luxey for their cups because we have tried and tested them ourselves and can vouch for their ironman-grip lid strength. You read that right, girlfriend– chug your brew with confidence knowing your white linen pants are safe from any runaway leaks and drizzle.

Why we love our LUXEY cups (and why you will too):

  • They can hold up to 8-ounces (or 236.588 mls) of your favourite drink
  • Choose from two colours: Pink Salt or Moss - sorry, we know it won’t be an easy choice!
  • They’re reusable, which means “see ya later single-use coffee cups!
  • They use Borosilicate Glass, which is a fancy way of saying our glass is lighter and stronger than other reusable coffee cups (but, like anything made of glass, should still be treated with care)
  • Fully enclosed, non-slip silicone base
  • If you're a long black or tea drinker, please be aware that the cup may be a little hotter to carry at first
  • Designed in Australia 

Please note that the mouthpiece on our mugs is open, so for those of you who are on the go with your cup more often than not, make sure to purchase a spill stopper while you’re at it.

Size: 8oz (or 236.588 mls)